Sandeep Chivukula
Sandeep Chivukula
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Twitter Lists

I’ve been using Twitter at Nitrous.IO. to keep up with some of the best developers and devops folks in the industry. Of course, Twitter is also great for checking out interesting posts from people like Annie Atkins, the designer for Wes Anderson’s new movie The Grand Hotel Budapest.

However, if you come across a list of, say, 100 Most Wanted Speakers at tech conferences or have a list of customers that you want to stay abreast of, there is no easy way to quickly add them into a Twitter List

After looking around and finding nothing but spammy junk and complicated social media management tools - I decided to do whip up something quick and simple.

Introducing TweepLister

Here’s how it works:

First go to TweepLister: The easy way to add people to a twitter list.

  1. Login with a Click Landing Page

  2. Add the list of people you want to follow and give it a schnazzy name. Simple UI

  3. Hit the Green Button! et viola Success


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